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SERVICES We will provide as little or as much service as you desire. Some clients see us once a year, some quarterly, and some monthly depending on their individual needs. Clients work with the same personnel as much as possible to establish a productive relationship. Income Tax PreparationWe are qualified to prepare all types of returns from simple to complex including individual, corporate, partnership, estate, trust, not-for-profit and gift tax returns. We attend continuing education each year to stay current with tax laws and achieve the maximum tax savings possible. If we see things you can do to save taxes we suggest them. All returns go through a quality control process and are reviewed by partners of the firm ensuring the highest quality for you. Business and Personal Financial AdviceAll advisory services begin with listening to the client’s goals. Each client is unique and we customize the advice to fit your personal situation. A common question we may ask you is “why?” This is to determine your goals to guide and advise you appropriately. Our goal is to help you with your thought process and guide your decision, making sure you feel good about your choice and plan of action. We will not tell you what to do, rather we will share our opinion and reasoning to help you achieve your goals. The decision is ultimately yours and we want you to ask questions until you feel good about the path you chose. We can assist you in various financial decisions, including the advantages and disadvantages of your options, for example: lease vs purchase of an asset, whether to refinance your home, how to save for college, financial vehicles to save for retirement, what type of life insurance to purchase, contributing to a Traditional or Roth IRA, should you convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. The list goes on and on. There are no dumb questions. Everyone has different talents and we encourage you to take advantage of our expertise; the time to call is before you enter into a transaction. Computerized Bookkeeping and Accounting ServicesWe provide monthly bookkeeping services for many clients. Often clients do not desire to do the bookkeeping and they can engage us to do it for less than they could hire a staff person themselves. Assistance with Your Accounting SystemWe are willing to assist you with your own bookkeeping system or software on an as needed basis. Business Start-UpWe aid with business start-up including: setting up bookkeeping systems, payroll systems, advising on type of entity, applying for various permits, and informing you of payroll and sales tax rules so you are compliant. Other Business ServicesWe can explain the tax and financial ramifications of various employee fringe benefit plans such as health insurance, pension plan options, etc. Payroll and Sales TaxWe can prepare quarterly and/or year-end tax returns, calculate payroll or sales tax deposits due or instruct you how to do these. We also offer full-service payroll including calculating and printing paychecks and calculating payroll tax deposits and preparing the appropriate forms for you to file. Financial ReportsWe can issue compilation or review reports of your financial statements as may be required of you by bankers or vendors. These are prepared under a strict set of rules established for our profession. Financial AuditsA financial audit is the highest level of financial statement service a CPA may provide. It is often required by grantors for not-for-profits, bonding companies, or banks. We have an experienced auditing staff and believe in performing an audit of the highest quality in as an efficient manner as possible for the client. Transition of Business to Next GenerationTransferring a business to the next generation is different than selling to an outside party. The interests of all parties must be considered as well as the personalities involved. We have extensive experience transitioning a business to the next generation and can advise on the practical and tax ramifications. We usually work in conjunction with your attorney. Structuring Sale or Purchase of a Business to an Outside PartyThe tax ramifications of the sale or purchase of a business can be drastically different depending on how the sale or purchase is structured. You could end up receiving substantially less net proceeds or paying more tax than necessary if the contract is not designed appropriately. At the same time you don’t want to lose a deal over something that may not be significant. We have considerable experience in this area. We can help you analyze cash flow for the buyer and/or seller and evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with various options. Estate, trust and gift planningWe can advise you how to best accomplish your estate, trust and gift goals. Each individual has their own unique set of circumstances and objectives. We can advise on what assets should be transferred, as well as what assets should not be transferred to achieve your goals; we have seen several clients transfer the wrong assets for their specific situation and intentions, which resulted in higher tax liability because they did not ask our advice in advance. We can provide insight on which type of assets to bequest to various heirs or charities such as: various investments, annuities, or retirement accounts, to maximize the net amount your chosen beneficiaries receive.

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